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Conversation Between RaWrz-Cupcakes44 and HintHunter

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  1. I'm finally back now my dude
  2. well too bad that you are not back it, so it seams
  3. just pm when you ready, i on hyuns dojo mostly so you can come look there
  4. Hopefully soon, school has been killing me :P
  5. whenever you ready
  6. Lady luck has shined upon me. I now have it
  7. very well
  8. Yeah once I get my flash 8 back. Mass updates and corruption brought me lose all my anims along with other important stuff
  9. well i down for some animating, hit me up if you are down for some of that too 1 or 2 months should be good enuf time i think?
  10. Probably not well since I haven't animated in a long time
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