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Conversation Between AquanaKnight and S.A.R.X

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  1. hey, i'm going to disband NGSC and make a new clan.
    So..... wanna join?
  2. i come back here. ;w;
  3. How are you? Have you saw the regional card that I submit to the chancellor"s corner? It's accepted!!! We have a territory, we joined the RHGT
  4. accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah!! that's great
  5. Clan Tryouts: (Choose one,any of it)
    4. Any good artworks you have done, we need creativity.

    that is my artwork
  6. so.. wut tryout will you choose?
  7. yay!
  8. okay , i will back to join this clan again.
  9. why?
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