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Conversation Between Ken-X and NaB3R!u$

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  1. I'm sorry to say this, but I forfeit our battle
  2. xD... I was also just free from school recently... I am making the animation.... as fast as i cud...xD if u need time take it... don't forfiet... U might win as well ...
  3. I think i need to delay the deadline school has been giving me tons of work and i can't even find some freetime to do anything. I wanted to cancel the deadline for now, i might forfeit if i really don't have time
  4. It's okai, that gives me more time to animate
  5. yo bro... i wanna postpond the due date please bro... make it in june... At may 25th its my main exam finishing...I've failed the recent exam... and I gotta read harder... i just made my promo... so Plz make the due date at june any day... i just don't wanna forfiet... but u can animate at that time .. and u have a plus point , u can make very very cooooool animation.. .bro...xD
  6. ok bro, i guess no april fool thingy
  7. Okay i'm definitely changing the deadline :c I think the 14th of May should be the fine
  8. Thanks! I'll need sometime before choosing the appropriate deadline
  9. hehe, cooooool... and about the deadline thingy, i accept to increase the due date..I'm working on my clans promo...
  10. I've started the fighting around 200 frames *~*
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