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Conversation Between Nikx232 and Damian

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  1. lol oh stop, you're going to make me blush~
    but seriously man I'm here for ya if you ever need me (preferably pm )
  2. Thanks for your compassion, mate. I've always known you as a good and understanding person. Even when it's very late, I'm not in my right mind, and I start talking all American Gangster and shiz.
  3. of course friend :]
    no worries
  4. Hey, bro. I'm going to remove you from my friends list just now so, I want you to know it's nothing personal. I just don't like the clutter of the RP posts, alright?
  5. now I'm in the northern part of it :U
    (Well more central, but kind of northern?)
  6. I hope you get better, mayng.

    What part of California are you in, may I ask?
  7. Tbh I'm actually sick =w=
    But I'm doing okay~
  8. Hey bruh. How ya feel?
  9. I did something like that. Should I put the one I have now or the boom one?
  10. The title of the pic was 'Move B*tch' without the censoring. I found it on Reddit. You know, it reminds of that song that goes 'Get out da way, Get out da way BOOM!';I first heard it in the opening scene to the movie Hancock. I'm thinking somthing like that for the line....

    Lyrics I spoke of:
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