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Conversation Between Triss and Xate

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  1. A different story. Not our battle. Not. At. All.
  2. I'm asking you, what's the story in your PM about?
    I wanted to know what it's about.

    This part is info:
    And about my story for you, it's accidentally deleted when I saved a new writing.
    So...I guess we have to postpone a week to let me refresh my memory for it.
  3. I do not get the question
  4. First of all, what are this story about? I need to know.

    By the way. I accidentally deleted the fucking 3000-word story.
    So I have to refresh it from memory. (Around a week I gues)

    You sure are lucky, punk.
  5. Well, I guess I can't see it if it's in VM.
    So PM plz, if you wanted to discuss.
  6. And it seems you've been interviewing our dear Devi. Then, would you like to engage in a conversation relating to wRHG characters? Because I got quite some of them. 3 from one story, 3 from another.
  7. Sure. PM me then.
  8. Certainly, no. Like I said, till then. But I think I am encountering a plaethora of tests. Well, hot chicken. But that aside...Would you like to be my audience? For my current work?
  9. hey man. Done yet?
  10. As a just-in-case. SHOULD I finish it in one week instead of two, it'd be BEFORE one month! Well, if I can.
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