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Conversation Between acutelatios and Ares

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  1. I'm in a battle against ErrorBlender at the moment, so I can't at the moment~

    Besides you seem to be going against Xate~
    o w o
  2. Yup. Your wRHG seems like no points. So Tristan's in.
  3. And challenge me?
  4. Besides, I do it in my own time so I'll get to it eventually~
    o w o
  5. Lemme take Tristan's sword to you. <-A challenge.
  6. First thing you should know, you can do battles as long as you have all the sections done~

    You don't need to have your gladiator in the Hall to fight~
    o w o
  7. Can you add him now???
  8. Just editted Tristan's profile. Go check it out!
  9. You can read my reasons why in both the Hall and the profile itself~
    o w o
  10. Nope~
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