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Conversation Between Nikx232 and devi

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  1. I'mma still bropunch you ^_^
  2. sorry about that ^^;
  3. Fine
  4. I didn't quite think through me deleting things, so you will probably have to delete your last post on the RP :U
  5. XP
  6. I almost read that the wrong way xD
    I'm sorry for the time difference.
    Hope you're not destroying yourself over there with a lack of sleep xP
  7. Oh god it sucks to RP with you guys.
    You're all in america and I'm in sweden >_<
  8. You answered on you're on page xp
  9. Okay.
    I'm just getting a little confused in the RP XP
  10. lol np,
    and yes I'm with the group I think?
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