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Conversation Between Hamen and Ipman

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  1. Alright
  2. Ayee, add me to ur hitlist of ur RHG, as a remembrance of how i wanna RHG Fight you
    Though i might lose, considering last time was just a week, but this time it's much different.
  3. Lol your style is cool, I'm thinking of making my own style but iz hard mang, oh and thanks for that xD
  4. Oh, well shoot, it's easy. all you gotta do is add a checkered background. Makin the stick is easy, for adding the outlines you gotta add a layer behind the stick, so is won't cover it...
    Edit: You can make the outlines as big as you want...
  5. Lol teach me your stail man, please ;-;
    Your srsly pro at anim8ing and art
  6. Tee hee
  7. Shiit man! Your epic, please teach me how do you do art!
  8. Okay
  9. Aww man dude! That's kewl bruh! But.... I'm changing my RHG D; and it's not because I didn't like it... It's because of his skills.... I can't handle it sorry though XD....but can you make a fan art for my new one?
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