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Conversation Between TheOrigin and Boltz

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  1. Thank you!

    and LOL to that relatable pic!
  2. Sure Here's Blast

    Also I feel you on grades man, Maybe its the hot Girls or the Teachers or the Hard Ass Calculus questions that make me give up on life the second i read the first question.

    I don't even know why they give us practice tests when they won't even be on the exam.
  3. hey you could definitely win! i'd be happy to have a battle with you after I get my grades back up in school

    i'm kinda failing ;-;
    btw can i get your RHG link? it isn't letting me go to it with your signature and i wanna add you to my hitlist =D
  4. I'm doing alright m8. You know I do plan on having a rhg battle with you, but Every time I open flash up, i end up doing Art then Animations. Then again when looking at my rhg compared to yours, will I even win?
  5. Wassup chum?
  6. hai buddy
  7. Your Profile pic Makes me happy, Thank you Coco :>
  8. *Rubs Munch's Head* merry Christmas you little Meat ball
  9. I'm dead xD
  10. *before you tried to jump out of the pod, turns out it was Munch who just Swallowed you*
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