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Conversation Between Boltz and Azure

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  1. Looooooooooooool, they don't want a pokemon girl displayed sexually? Ballsy. Won't last too long.
  2. You see, The day Pokemon introduced Wicke was the day so many tumblr artists went wild. Most of the images displaying her were mostly ranging from Lewd to NSFW. 2 Days after, Pokemon Banned most of the art displaying her in a sexual way because they didn't want her to be displayed as a sex idol.
  3. There is speculation that Gladion, Lusamine, and Lily are all related. Also, what do you mean? I mean, I know who Wicke is, but I don't know what "heat of the moment" you're referring to.
  4. Oops XD Its His Hair. It just reminds me of Lusamine so i thought they were related.
    Also did you know about the heat of the moment when Wicke was announced?
  5. If you can't find GIFs made already, there are sites you can go to to make them from YouTube videos. Then it's just a matter of resizing carefully, and/or rotating. Also, Gladion is a member of Team Skull, so... seems you're a touch confused? XD
  6. Dude your sig looks bad ass, How did you do it?
    Also calling it now, his team are the bad guys while team skull are the good guys after all.
  7. And so it is.
  8. It had to be done.
  9. Pffft
  10. Wait hang on, i mean't this.
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