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Conversation Between guramecon and Skyler ( adiva zahwa )

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  1. Becaaue its a relationship , if someone have closed person with it gonna make an attraction for something that wan't to be saved as memory

    Owh... Hacking is dangerous and also a awesome thing
  2. But why the f- i cant forget my ex-girlfriend memories

    anyway its happen in 2012, so the forum is restored at 2010 (checkpoint)
  3. yeah , another like to find friends , experience and also animate as the priority

    Owh , i got it

    2010 ? i see , thats 5 year ago...

    Ok , well , we sometimes can forget things for years
  4. ok ( i knew it )
    You think there's another reason instead of animate?

    But... what is CnCs ?
    Comment and Criticism

    "owh... , well , the hackingthing ... what is it ?"

    your previous account , what is the name ?
    Well it's been a long time ago, my memory can't handle it anymore lol
  5. ok ( i knew it )
    oh.. i see , yeah many people go with that reason . But... what is CnCs ?

    owh... , well , the hackingthing ... what is it ?
    your previous account , what is the name ?
  6. lol, I'm just kidding.
    The reason i'm joining because i want to animate stickfigure and looking for CnCs. Simple right?

    I could say that I'm a returned member, since the Forum Reset due to Hacked Incident
    I lost my account so I made a new one.
  7. i'll go with english . People have reason to join stickpage , yeah ... i'm just wonder
  8. May I ask why do you ask that such question lol
    (you can speak indonesian if you wish :^) )
  9. yeah , i'm fine . So... Welcome to Stickpage
    If i may ask , why do you join ?
  10. oh, hi there
    what's up?
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