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Conversation Between Conflate. and Creepin_Bro

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  1. Yo, hiya there,
    So I was wondering, what's your new RHG ganna be, since you deleted Gracie?

    (Btw, just so you know for your new clan trial, Tacticus is a girl now)
  2. Hey you still here? It's been a month, I don't like SP members leaving without notice

    and I'm going to assume your not dead
  3. Thanks but I don't need to do that.
  4. As a suggestion I think you should put a link to your RHG in your signature.
  5. RHG is done (finally) just FYI
  6. oh i just realised, i already read your RHG, your avatar change just made me not recognise you lol
  7. My Avatar is my RHG Character.
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