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    Right. I haven't tried making an EDH deck before but a lot are available at a lot of sites:,, to name a few.
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    But hey, that is a biased opinion from me. Commander from the sidelines looks fun indeed. You have a commander by your side that you can call whenever and doesn't really die since it goes back to the commander zone. So its effect is ever present as long as you can cast him out of the zone. It gets fun but when you play against a lot of other people it gets political. You roll dice to see who you attack and whether or not you decide not to or to do, it can cause you a loss or a win.

    Fun format but expensive. Yeah.
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    Trust me when I say it will empty your pockets.

    100 cards per deck at minimum, you get one commander that has to be legendary and an entire deck [that has to follow your commander's colors] that only has one copy of every card except basic land cards. It may not seem expensive but it is. Every card in your deck has to be functional and it has to be the BEST. You'd be wanting cards that pull out cards from the deck, or cards that are reusable. It will burn through your savings. It causes a lot of usually cheap cards to suddenly skyrocket in price because of their use in Commander.
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    Heard of that game before.
    Never played it.
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    Yeah, that would stop you a bit but I rarely see protection from [specific color] unless they sideboarded you. If that happens, just get a sideboard of your own to counter those that are protected.
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    There was a formula for land partition. I forgot but I think it involved counting every mana symbol in your deck. But basically, whichever color is more prominent in your deck that has more lands to accommodate that color. But it could get fixed with dual lands [but the dual land of Red/White is expensive]. If you really do love artifacts why not the Red and White Artifact deck? Its all easy cast creatures that are pumped by a global enchantment. Then punch holes into your opponent's life. Have you seen Etched Champion? It has protection from all colors as long as you have 3 artifacts. Most of your instants and sorceries on that deck are low cost. Like Dispatch and Galvanic Blast. Creatures you control are free [Memnite and Ornithopter] that become powerful machines with Tempered Steel[+2/+2 to artifacts you control] on the field.
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    So what great animation is you're fav this time?
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    You can have as much lands as you want as long as the deck is at least 60 but optimal is 60 cards for a deck. Depending on how you play, the land base differs. If you play aggressive, you may only need 20 to 22 lands and your cards should be easily castable [1 to 3 mana costs]. If you play control, you may have to get 22 to 24 lands. Your cards as a control need to stall with low cost spells so you can get your high mana costed but powerful spells out in the field.

    Anyway, unblockable creatures or creatures with evasion usually fall into three main colors [blue, white and black] white red and green rarely have them. Invisible Stalker is a good one, hexproof and unblockable are a good combo and he has it both. Flying creatures are good too since not all have reach. You seem to like playing aggressively too and somewhat like tokens, correct? If that is the case, either you go mono white or red and white.
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    Hmm...well the deck has problems early game. It has a lot of time where it may not have creatures out on the field and you're very much open for attack from anything. At most times the deck won't have a good enough response. White plays out with tokens, strengthening them and scaring the enemy out of their pants by their sheer number of tokens. If you really want horsemanship's evasion, why not find unblockable creatures instead?
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    Ravagers are hard to come by these days...very rare. And expensive. Mage? I'll look into it
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