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    If anything there's more settings now. Newer versions tend to have more options, meaning more settings.
    You could tell him it's old and therefore cheap . I need to figure out what to do with my savings .-.

    I don't know ._. Still, doing arts simultaneously is better than doing none :'/ oh you ^^ is it really clear where you live?
    Same. It's a neat idea, and those with funny developments xP
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    Well, one click to record. But then the video comes out wrong in some way, so you spend the next half hour going through the setting. That sort of thing :9
    I meant the direct sequel Infamous 2 on ps3. Both the first and second are quite old now so they should be cheap.

    Will do. never mind, I'll amuse myself while I wait *lies in bed staring at the ceiling* .-.
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    Settings for video making and recording tend to be .-.
    :9 I think you'll get a lot of fun from it ^_^ The sequels not bad either.

    Feel free .-. Maybe I'll get more confident when I start. Yeah, but your back here :9
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    ya aku edit dah XD
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    jirr baru inget -_-
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    Haven't heard of that one but it sounds better, good luck with getting it working.
    Assassins creed would be a closer comparison (swap the melee combat for third person shooting and that's basically it). It's also a sandbox game with lots of side activities like quests and collection.
    Watch a lets play if your not sure. Plus there's a demo on the online store (may take a long time to download depending on your connection).

    Hopefully sooner :P as it's been a month and I'm getting less keen the longer it takes (think I'm going to lose .-. )Least your back now ^o^ Hiiiiiiii :3
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    Do a test run and see how it goes. There's also FRAP's (not that good but it's something).
    Just did a search on that game as I'd never heard of it. If you like it you definitely need to try infamous as it's very similar in gameplay but with a climbing/parkor focus as well as shooting. (don't feel bad, it looked confusing to navigate)

    Yeah. I need a plan :/
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    Well that's a very long luck streak :P
    I use the corner tactic too after Hewitt mentioned it. Helped me do better but I currently can't beat my 14k score.
    I always try to finish a game, even if it's an old one (I finished Silent Bomber something like 5-7 years after we got it. Damn that thing was hard). Don't tend to 100% them though unless there really good.

    Thanks ^o^ I'll be need it too .-.
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    I... can even comprehend how you did that... you are insanely talented at this.
    I manage to get some accidental chains going but it all fell apart by 1024. I just can figure out what moves are needed to get specific results. I guess this also explains why I can't solve a rubik cube or those pictures on sliding tiles x_x .
    That could go along way. Though it would be repetitive.

    Looking forward to it, good luck ^_^
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    haha no worries
    get on irc already :3
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