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    Lol, ye ye :P

    Heh, whale then. Have to keep in mind for using clones more often when Emerald has to battle him (when it happens though but we'd likely just keep it in friendly spar. Who knows XD). Hmm, judging by Dice's harsh nature, I say he'd probably get used to those kind of intimidating stuff but most likely will still be taken aback when seeing one of the worst situations happens (like being attacked with a mass of elemental attacks - I read that from his weaknesses btw).

    Oh yes it is. That kind of damage is indeed a hassle for 'em :/
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    Oh lol scru u m8 :| <3

    Even when he's 2 years younger than Emerald herself? Though in all seriousness, you're very right, she barely has any real experiences with actual long one-on-one battles as she tends to take cover when dealing with ranged enemies and let her self-duplication power do the thing. Now that makes me wonder about one thing - will Dice get intimidated when being surrounded by lots of clones (take another example if he's being surrounded by Yenna and Anney clones, how will he react?).

    Yeah, superpowers like super strength, extreme durability, or giant size can possibly trouble those Duplicators. .u.
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    Also thank you, again, for putting my name on the credits of yours lmao. Wasn't expecting my name to be written there so it's such an honor to be added.

    Yeah, I think he'll easily beat her when she's not using that self-duplication ability. Who knows though lmao, maybe her clones will just surround Dice and one Emerald (who 1-on-1's him) just to watch the battle and merge with that one Emerald for the healing back-up when it happens. Though probably this will seem intimidating for Dice already with lots of her and all. ";P

    Not sure if you get what I mean, but probably some clones who has been cloned can't make another clones afterwards (alright, screw this clone-ception ahah). Although if you're emphasizing the "EXACT" word there then OK. I'm assuming it can still create more and more. Feels like that kind of "immortality" concept then >=D
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    Lol I'm aware of it~ XD Thank ye big time for taking interest in my RHG.

    I don't like underestimating things after all, so Emerald has to be more careful if she has to battle in close range with Dice one-on-one. ;P

    Yeahp =D
    Sounds awesome. Can the clones clone themselves afterwards? Though I'm thinking the energy won't be enough for these clones for doing that much.
  5. Nice to meet you . And how are you ?
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    You only asked me one question though XP I was questioning about the name of that raver which is "Kinetic Wall". Seeing the term "kinetic", I thought he has to do certain movements in order for the wall to appear, sort of thing. Gotcha there.

    Although realistically it can only scratch certain body part in a most painful way (like I think the faster he swings that Hawkatom - lol dat name - the more painful or even bigger the scars will likely be made, sort of thing).

    Aw yeah XD
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    Forgive my curious nature in terms of RHGs, but is it true if Dice has to wave his arm, creating this kind of motion in order to build the kinetic wall?

    Ha, interesting. Fast swings combined with sharp edge will result in- possible limb cutting?!?! :O

    Seems I'm not alone in liking self-replicating stuff, aren't I >u>
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    Ahaha that's a really glorious scene over there, and seemingly an endless cycle lmao. Remember, there have to be 6 mag-ink darts inside his body before he's completely paralyzed. Also I thought he can still teleport himself outta the way if he wants (and those kinetic walls may come in handy with multiple bullets everywhere, that is, if he can manage his Dnomaids conservatively ;P).
    Plus, does Dice have a high amount of stamina? That can make a good chance of him winning instead as Emerald has only around 6/10 in terms of stamina rough measurement.

    Quick-checked google and it appears to be that kind of RTS, isn't it? Not really my type of game though .<.
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    Yeah... I had struggle thinking about that one until I discussed this matter with someone. Actually, they both (Emerald and her duplicates) are as real. Thus, you have to kill all of the existing Emeralds at the battlefield in order to win the battle. Soo it's pretty much the same as Enuya Twins.

    Still not sure about absorbing a dead clone but I think she can just let them be due to these dead clones will be dissipated into tiny sparkles at around 10 minutes span (or maybe 24 hrs? I haven't decided yet lmao). This may be used as advantage for Emerald to fool her enemies to fake her death, sort of thing.

    EDIT: Oh yeah and also, both Emerald and her duplicates are interchangeable to each other, so the one that wields the recorder isn't necessarily to be the original one. Lol, didn't expect this to be kinda confusing, let me know if you still need clarification.
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    I see.

    Yeah, you're right. Such effects may be too hard to be done in real life films so that explains the uncommon concept of it.

    Speaking of which, I'm still kinda curious with Enuya twins bit. So when one of the clones die, will it affect another existing clones/twins as well? (I read this sentence; "wounds also carry on to clone" so I thought it'd apply pretty much the same to death as well o_o).
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