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  • Urako's Avatar
    Today, 08:07 AM
    Derrick thought for a second, there was always Decks which was the default answer for Nemesis, but he really didn't have any of the makings of a...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:58 AM
    "Annabelle, you don't strike me as the judgemental type," Derrick said while crossing his arms but keeping his usual smile. "I've heard stories about...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-16-2018, 11:07 AM
    "Afraid not," Derrick replied. "I would appreciate the offer and I can see all of the practical applications. But like Johni said, I appreciate the...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-14-2018, 10:20 PM
    (I guess I'll go ahead. I don't want to leave anyone hanging and I don't want to interfere with the next question.) "Alright. I guess I'll go...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-14-2018, 10:09 PM
    I don't know what to say really. I don't have a lot of time to post things anymore. I guess I will say that some of the changes and events feel a bit...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-14-2018, 02:55 PM
    (I'll wait then. I don't want to replace your question or anything after all.)
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-14-2018, 09:07 AM
    "Hmm, well the first two are straight up obvious," Derrick replied. "My sister, not-brainwashed, for one because I would never leave her to fend for...
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  • Vorpal's Avatar
    09-13-2018, 11:32 AM
    Vorpal replied to a thread Walking Benefits in General Discussion
    Walking is really good for you. At the very least people need to get up and move around sometimes you know?
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-13-2018, 07:30 AM
    "I feel like I could survive most apocalypses, even plague-borne one. I'm told by doctors I've got a pretty good immune system though I digress."...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-12-2018, 10:25 AM
    While I would love to, I'm going to have to pass due to school and such. Plus, I don't really know much about what has happened to Jack since his...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-12-2018, 09:18 AM
    "Fictional world huh?" Derrick asked when he gazed around the room. Really he knew of a book series but it was obscure. Nonetheless, he went ahead...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-11-2018, 08:57 AM
    Derrick looked down at his necklace, looked back up and sighed. Obviously, a pleasant was his first choice but if that was hypothetically off the...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-10-2018, 09:40 PM
    "Yeesh, you don't have to tell me twice," Derrick replied though the latter part of the sentence turned into a low growl as he recalled something....
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-10-2018, 06:54 AM
    "Are you okay?" Derrick couldn't help but ask Annabelle. He didn't sound too worried but he figured it was worth asking. Really it wasn't his...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-09-2018, 12:27 PM
    "I prefer books really. Especially if they're compared to movie adaptations." Derrick replied as he waved the question aside with his right hand. "I...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-07-2018, 10:09 PM
    "I cooked all the time for myself and my sister actually." Derrick shrugged. The topic of food made him glance back over at the table even though he...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-07-2018, 05:26 AM
    "Money huh?" Derrick asked nonchalantly as he looked around at everyone and shrugged. Most of them didn't seem to have much use for it or so they...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-06-2018, 05:55 PM
    Am I the only one who thinks SH@D0WC0RE turned this forum around by showing up? I mean, it was a near complete ghost town before.
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-06-2018, 07:38 AM
    "I don't really know," Derrick admitted as he finished his food and crossed his arms. "I never really thought about what my tagline would be. Though...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-05-2018, 08:14 AM
    "Now how can you ask me a question like that?" Derrick lighthearted accused Annabelle with a smile on his face he did so. "It really is a hard...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-04-2018, 07:43 PM
    "Speak for yourself Altaer, you might have been able to just brush death off but the same can't be said for all of us," Derrick argued. "Now, I don't...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-04-2018, 07:31 AM
    "Really, that depends on what you consider a fight," Derrick answered cooly enough between bites of his food. "My first real 'fight', the first one...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-03-2018, 08:16 AM
    "Well, he seemed like a decent guy before we fought. Though I guess it helps me that I hardly knew the guy. It's disappointing, but It is what it...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-02-2018, 08:03 PM
    Derrick frowned in a near perfect act that would have fooled anyone who wasn't looking or trained to look for the lie. He bit his lip, hesitated, but...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-02-2018, 11:03 AM
    "Okay, first off, the whole four of us against Annabelle scenario was just for comparison, nobody is hurting anyone her." Derrick asserted with a...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-01-2018, 05:10 PM
    (OOC: Not really. I have other characters in mind but I don't have enough time to launch battles with them even if they did replace Dozer. I don't...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-01-2018, 02:28 PM
    (I'm beginning to realize just how bored I have become of Derrick lol.) Dozer put his left hand up to stop Annabelle before he rebutted. Honestly,...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    09-01-2018, 06:52 AM
    Dozer to a quick glance at A004. On the inside, he was thinking 'what the heck!' but he kept his mouth shut anyways. It wasn't like he was without...
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  • Nyarlathotep's Avatar
    08-31-2018, 09:31 PM
    I mean? This isnt a hacked account. You gave him your password. Don't do that in the future. If you need to get in contact with the developers I'm...
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  • Urako's Avatar
    08-31-2018, 04:08 PM
    Derrick retracted his staff, put it away and sat back down as soon as he noticed that everyone had had a chance to look at his weapon. Following...
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