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  1. Sticky: The Terminology of Story

    The Terminology of Story

    We've all been there at least once. We try to pick in on a conversation, only to realise we've got no clue what these people are talking about. It's almost like they're...
  2. Sticky: What is writing?

    What is writing?

    So the more clever amongst you might now be thinking:

    If this was your first thought, keep on reading. If it wasn't, then cool beans bro. Keep on reading anyways.

    It is...
  3. Sticky: Just letting y'all know, the reason Alph is...

    Just letting y'all know, the reason Alph is referring to me so much in this thread is cause this is my idea but he ripped it off. It's all good tho, now I have an excuse to write the stuff I intended...
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