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Thread: Rocket - The Size Changing Monster

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    Rocket - The Size Changing Monster



    - Clan: Azure

    - Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    - Abilities:
    Size Manipulation: Rocket can change his size at will. The maximum height he can reach is 2500 Meters and he can go as small as 1 Millimeter
    Size Changing Shield: Rocket carries a shield that is capable of changing size. The shield can only change size along with Rocket. Rocket's shield keeps its weight permanently therefore making it harder to carry the smaller Rocket gets and Easier to carry the Larger he gets. The shield is made of a super dense metal and is hard to break.

    - Strengths:
    General Strengths: Rocket is quite durable and has a fair amount of fighting experience
    Power Strengths: The larger Rocket gets, the Stronger and more Defensive he will be. The smaller Rocket gets, the Faster and more Rational he will be.

    - Weaknesses:
    General Weaknesses: Rocket can get quite cocky and is occaisonally lazy
    Power Weaknesses: The larger Rocket gets, the Slower and less Rational he will be. The Smaller Rocket gets, the Weaker and less defensive he will be.

    - About/Story:
    Rocket was an experiment made by Japan in WW2. He was supposed to be the first super soldier to win the war. The idea was to create a Soldier that could infiltrate enemy lines undetected and at the same time be able to destroy entire cities in merely a couple blows. They came up with the idea to create a monster that could grow into a giant and shrink into an ant. Japan decided to title the soldier: ロケット (Rocket). As it would match the strength of a missile (or rocket) when huge and when small it would travel at high speeds, also comparable to a missile. Unfortunately, the scientists creating Rocket made one big mistake while creating him; They gave him will. The scientist thought that it would be for the better that Rocket would be doing this all by his will but Rocket thought different. Rocket began to lash out and attack Japan. Luckily, the soldiers were able to stop Rocket and they threw him into a Cyrogenical Freezer to never be seen again. Until the power ran out. Rocket now roams the world, he thinks he needs to destroy the world so Japan and Germany won't rule it. That's gonna end well for sure.
    [Years Later] Rocket finds someone to help him end the world: Bacchus, Bacchus is helping Rocket in exchange for something else...

    - Demo: (old and may not show my current skill)
    Currently working on a new demo for the shield

    - Battles: None

    - Points: 0/0

    - Availability: Available!

    Reed, looks like a fun opponent.
    Loops, boi.
    Xal&MFK, 2 on 1 always seems fun.
    Omega, wayyy too dangerous
    Phase, He can change his density and size, great matchup
    Kurt, His skills seem like a fair matchup for Rocket
    Sol, edgey
    Sthom, petulant fool who keeps bothering Rocket
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    Hey there! Approved your thread. In the future, rather than simply trying and trying to post a thread, contact a mod. Because you're still new, posts with links for you will disappear. If you just keep making them, things get cluttered for us mods, and you'll never be able to see them.

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    I like your Fighter. Your on my hitlist.
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    lol funny demo but your story is cliche af.

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    He looks like Buggy the clown but your RHG is nice.
    You're on my hitlist.

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    nice art lmao

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    Can I battle you? you could be my first rhg opponent just message me if your open

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    Do you really need to know <_<
    i dont get it, what does F R U S T mean

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    Frust is short for Frustum which is (if I remember correctly) Pieces in Latin. Sorry for the late reply, lol.

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