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Thread: Looking for Feedback

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    Looking for Feedback

    I played Stick Empires a long time ago and then I took a break, but since I came back, my strategy hasn't been very good. I tested out a lot of things in the campaign and I think I've come up with something that works decently, but since I haven't been able to test it against any high levels, I'm not sure how good it really is. I was hoping someone could give feedback if I posted it on the forums. If you can, please tell me what's wrong with it, and some possible changes to make it better. Thanks!

    1. Start with 2 miners (on gold)
    2. Buy 2 more miners (on gold), and then as soon as you can, 3 swordwrath
    3. Buy another miner (on mana), and then as soon as you can, a spearton
    4. Take the center tower, with the spearton going for any archers or heavy unit, and use the swordwrath to distract
    5. Buy another miner (on mana), and as soon as you can, a meric, and send it to the middle
    6. Keep your units guarding the middle tower, and send your three swordwrath throughout the game to check on your opponent
    7. Get Miner Hustle, and Passive Income 3
    8. Get another 2 Speartons, then another 2 Merics, then 2 Albowtross, and if anything dies (except a swordwrath), replace it
    9. Get 2 more miners, and keep all your units (except swordwrath), at five, with Speartons as first priority
    10. Buy Shinobi 1 and send 2 or 3 ninjas to scout and to sabotage (your swordwrath should all have been used), while saving some money
    11. Buy 2 Giants when you can, and get Upgrades for Albowtross, Spearton, Meric (if against Chaos), and Giant
    12. Save up some money and charge, if a unit dies, send a spearton as soon as you can
    13. If you attack looks like it will die, start building the same army except with no Giants, and with only 3 or 4 units each
    14. From here on out swarm until you win or die.

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    It's a solid build for lower levels. I'd say if you went for an archer instead of the swords you might find continued success for a while, but first you'd probably want to know why. <-This vid's a solid and short guide on a technique archers can do that make them much more powerful than swords for cost. Other than that, your build order is pretty solid and overall plan for economy is good. If you want some practice games, hit me up when I'm on - Nyarlathotep 445.
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    I tried this, but I don't think I'm kiting correctly. My Archidon won't fire while running.

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    Takes a bit of practice. Were you sure to move back by right clicking after pressing G?
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    Oh, that works now. However, am I still supposed to take damage while readying my arrow?

    I've only gotten a few damageless shots, and the time opening is tiny, it's less than a quarter of a second.
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