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Thread: Concussion - New game by our own GMR!

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    Concussion - New game by our own GMR!

    Play Now!

    Check out the final release of Concussion, a fast-paced 2D beat-em-up created by our very own GMR, with background and character animations by Arch-Angel! Richard J. Erkenstein has stolen your dog! You have one week to fight off hoards of enemies to get your dog back AND win the fabled Concussion Gauntlet, which is said to give the wearer ultimate power!

    If you like this game and are interested in game development, check out the WIP thread for Concussion to see how it progressed throughout development!
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    "Everything I've done up until now... it was all for nothing."

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    What, did you expect a joke here?
    Awesome! This game is really fun! It must have been made by somebody really awesome and talented...

    (I meant Arch-Angel. The game wouldn't look amazing like it does without him and the other volunteer animators hard work.)

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    cool. let me play as its looking interested

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    Please make the stick man mouvements controll with keyboard arrows
    I can't play with WQDA
    Also good game and nice music! btw I don't know how to use the color wheel..

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    Ayy nice! It's finally officially out, eh? Noice. Definite good job for GMR, Arch-Angel, and also another volunteer animators for this.
    So I notice I'm so late on the comments .u. but being late should be better than nothing at all haha. Still, congrats~

    DeviantART |RHG - Battle #1 done | osu!
    Spoiler for I got stamped as SP's Official Counter. Yay?:

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    Just made a vid about that
    Please like

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    Best Game )

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