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Thread: REM: Robot Wars (forum game)

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    REM: Robot Wars (forum game)


    REM is a spaceship building game with a beautiful physics engine, with bullet deflection and ships made out of completely destructable parts. It's not even in alpha yet--it's basically a really cool tech demo. But A.I verse A.I is implemented so that lets us have a bit of fun.

    This game is going to be a tournament, robot wars style. Every entrant is going to create a ship to battle it out, and then they can send me their ship files via dropbox or whatever method they choose. Then, I'll load their bot against the bot of their opponent and I'll RECORD THE BATTLE WEW.

    Winner moves on to the next stage of the tournament.

    This might be too nerdy for most people since the game makes you feel pretty smart for being able to work in it. But fuck it, this could be a lot of fun.

    Get the game HERE:

    Once downloaded, read the readme dang it. It'll teach you how the ship builder works, as well as a lot of the mechanics. Otherwise, ask me any questions you have.

    -200 parts maximum per ship
    -When your ship is done, post a screenshot of it. Make sure the picture includes its part count!
    -Uhh, man that's basically it. Try and make your ship functional I guess
    -I'll decide on a deadline later, but make it as soon as possible so we don't have to wait

    Need inspiration? Browse the website or check out how the devs made their ships.

    Unlimited entrants. Join any time before the tourney starts

    I'll also be awarding a SECONDARY PRIZE for the best looking ship. Form + function is the mark of a skilled builder.

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    Entrant number one right here.

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    Couldn't resist.
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    Find me for top tier Devour treatment ;)
    My own entrant is done. Prepare to face the ultimate wreckening B-)

    Spoiler for D-Fighter, 199 parts:

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    We just need a starship enterprise now (don't forget captian Kirk)
    Spoiler for Nothing:

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