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Thread: Telephone Pictionary **COMPLETE**

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    Telephone Pictionary **COMPLETE**

    Hi Guys! How bout a little event in this section to bring some activity in, and get some laughs along the way.

    Telephone Pictionary is a silly game where people take turns Writing about and Drawing a single event, to the point that the message ultimately garbles itself. If you have never played this game before, then here is a fine example.

    As you can see from the sample above, any form of presentation is acceptable: Drawing, MS Paint, Clay, etc. So if you have 0 art skills, then that's all fine and dandy.

    I've never hosted something like this before so for now, we shall have 2 chains ongoing at the same time. If I deem it necessary, I will make it 3. Now let's get this started:

    Game Flow:
    1) Everyone who is interested, PM me a Text Prompt right now. This will be your official Sign-up action.
    2) I will pick 2 texts at random and send them to people to draw. Submission rules are below.
    3) After the images, I will send them to other users to generate text prompts from them. Rinse and repeat until everyone has drawn and written at least once.
    4) I will post the 2 chains on this thread when its all over.

    Note: Depending on who joins, I might increase the chain count but for now, let's go with 2.

    Submisstion Rules:
    - This is still a kid-friendly site. As such, do not submit anything that breaks the rules. No penises and retarded shit. Safe for Work stuff basically.
    - Try to interpret the Image/Text to the best of your ability. Do not force the mutation. It will happen on its own.
    - Image submitters will have a 3-day deadline to submit. Text Submitters will have 2. Failure to submit will warrant a strike and a reminder. On a 2nd offense, I will boot you and reassign your task or do it myself.
    - This is impossible for me to track but PLEASE. Do not share what you each have with each other. It ruins the spirit of the game, and creates dissonance.
    - Finally, if you think you need an extension or have something planned further ahead, notify me before the day comes so I can prioritize you in the chain.

    Picture Rules:
    - Creations must be made FROM SCRATCH.
    - I'm a little 50/50 on Photoshopped images so don't do it unless you need to; Even if it is shooped, the image STILL needs to have something in it that you made from Scratch. Do not abuse this loophole or I will ban Photoshops outright.
    - As mentioned, any form of medium is okay: Crayon Drawings, Watercolors, Pencil work, Clay Figures, LEGO dioramas. All this is allowed as long as you are able to upload it to Imgur or any other reliable Image Sharing Service.
    - No Size Limits but don't make them too big or small. Average size should be 800x600 pixels. Average format should be JPG.
    - Do not draw words that describe the image. Do not try to draw coded images or patterns that translate into words. Draw the image as you interpret it. If the words/numbers do not directly refer to the central idea, then those are fine.
    - When submitting your Image, do not label your Image in a way that gives the picture away. Just label it a random string of letters or something.

    Text Rules:
    - One sentence only. If it needs to be a run-on, then feel free. This isn't a grammar contest, but don't overdo the punctuation.
    - This is just advice, but try to describe what the image is trying to say instead of what it is literally saying. You can still do it either way though.

    That's all for now

    Oh yeah one more thing: Keep the initial prompt simple. Nothing too overly complicated or long-winded.

    Person McPerson
    Creepin Bro

    Chain 1 - COMPLETE
    Chain 2 - COMPLETE
    Chain 3 - COMPLETE
    Chain 4 - COMPLETE
    Chain 5 - COMPLETE
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    Where do ya think?
    Oh, I am totally up for this

    Quote Originally Posted by Vorpal View Post
    Yeah that's 5056 IFUKDURMOM drive, it's the house on the end and the road is a long one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Damian View Post
    You know what's really long? The dick I'm gonna stick in your nostril you lil cumbucket spitoon ass bitch.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vorpal View Post
    Will that be cash or credit?
    Quote Originally Posted by Damian View Post
    I'll take your food stamps card you broke crackwhore no-teeth having, giving gumjobs for a bump ass musty hag.

    Or just any card. Debit or Bredit works

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    Yeah, I'm up for this.

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    ... ... ... ... ...


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    The garbage can.
    Seems cool, I'd totally do this. :3
    RHG | CLAN | DA | YT

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    That seems fun! I can even brag about my superior artskills.
    Sig Filler

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    Count me in.

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    What, did you expect a joke here?
    This is cool! I'll try and sign up if there's room. Be warned, you're about to experience my utter lack of art skills.

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    Alright, I'mma leave this for 12 more hours and if it's still this much then It'll have to be a single chain with the lot of you contributing twice (text and pic).

    Of course, thats just how it is so far. We don't know if more will sign on when the real thread comes around

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    Find me for top tier Devour treatment ;)
    I love this game, sign me up at the speed of light

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    I need to show up Devour artistically. Count me in.

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