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  • TheOneDoge (Nebula)

    2 10.53%
  • Mr Michael (Mr. Michael)

    17 89.47%
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Thread: TheOneDoge vs Mr Michael

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    I just watched both battles.

    Pros: Epic Bgm , Nice intro.
    Cons: Sloppy movements, Bg Is important too :v. Basically, the only thing i understood was the intro. (I'm not gonna add resizing cos i believe, resizing is inevitable :v)

    Pros: Bro, that combo at the beginning, Nice! More action, Nice Bg, Nice effects, cool angle.
    Cons: NO BGM XC, lazy dialogue and ending

    Well my vote goes to MrMichael, Good job bro.
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    I hate adding BGM when it not serious for me I just put BGM whenever i want

    I dont think dialogue is needed because i love more action than

    The ending..I has tournament to finish tho...Knife to a gun fight lol

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    Mr. Michael most definitely won. His animation was a lot more fluid.
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    Mr.Michael is my pick
    Btw, you have a lot of potential as an animator. That fight choreography was incredibly well done. I can tell you've had experience doing that

    As for Doge..
    I liked the idea, you just need to practice animating
    You've got some ways to go, but keep working on it

    edit:..this poll's closed. didnt get to vote lol
    (guess it wouldnt have made a difference tho)
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