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Thread: Zixx vs HYPOH

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    Zixx vs HYPOH

    Hi guys ^_^. this fight was started last week... we enjoyed making them and it's time to know who is the real winner, and who Animated better.

    Thank you guys... we love you!!!

    Zixx's Part

    HYPOH's Part
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    oh you made the thread ;D good luck dude
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    Both of your anims were pretty good! I didnt know what to chose but Nultra try to work on bg's, having a plain bg gives a dramatic lose luck. but you did pretty good! gl on your next battle!
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    It was a difficult choice here...

    Zixx: should make a more stylized experience to make it more enjoyable for the viewer and needs to maybe double check his animation before posting. Unless that's what you're happy with.
    Also though, it was nice how the whole animation went to the music (even if very loosely). The characters did feel more relatable in your animation though, not just tough guys in a match to see who's stronger (the DBZ effect)

    Hypoh: Had a style that made me want to watch the whole thing, no problem there, but some of the scenes where he used depth felt disconnected from the rest of the work. It was also noticeably smoother than Zixx's animation.

    Overall Both were flawed, but had some very nice qualities, but Hypoh won me over with the overall polish of his final product.

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