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Thread: Is this satire?

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    Heir of mediocrity Xyskal's Avatar
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    Is this satire?

    So I was murking around youtube and I found this video:

    I'm not sure if this is satire or not.

    This is a video from 2009.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyskal View Post
    So I was murking around youtube and I found this video:

    I'm not sure if this is satire or not.

    This is a video from 2009.
    These kinds of videos were pretty viral at the time. There were ones about Miley Cyrus being a satanist, Justin Bieber being a satanist, etc...
    This could be some pro-conservative show taking YouTube videos seriously just so they can make liberals look bad, dunno.

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    Yeah no shit this is satire, nobody is that dumb to actually think Obama is antichrist.

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    Dopesauce WyzDM's Avatar
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    I skipped ahead and only heard something like "...he's Satan. I saw on YouTube. It's true!"

    So clearly satire.
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    Christ. When even archy has more sense than half the people on these last three pages you know there's something gone wrong.

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    salad days are gone Exile's Avatar
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    This isn't really satire. There is a not-insignificant portion of the population who believes Obama is the antichrist so the videos being shown weren't intended to be satirical. Rachel Maddow is a liberal news commentator on MSNBC, she is clearly pro-Obama as is the entire network, she's just covering this shit on her show because it's ridiculous

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    yes Scarecrow's Avatar
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    it's MSNBC not satire

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    Senior Member Cronos's Avatar
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    I'm not sure if this classifies as satire. They're more just jokingly reporting on something ridiculous they found. Pupinya is still queen of satire.

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