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Thread: Old And New ($5,000 in prizes, $1,500 first prize) - Fall Animation Competition 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fordz View Post
    Thanks Jeff, that's already enough time (provided that the net cafe I'll go to doesn't suck or else... yeah...)

    The animation has been rendered, gonna upload in a bit. Preparing for my departure to another place and I hope I can upload this before my ship leaves. (lol the stress)
    Anyway, I removed some filters and rendered it in 720p since rendering it in 1080p won't do, it'll crash.
    Also reduced the quality from 4mbps to 2mbps to avoid crash.

    Damn, some quality reduction right there.
    Also, am I going to be deducted 2.05 or just 1.75 since you didn't wake up yet?
    I'm not expecting to win anymore lol, I just need at least a little cash to pay my tuition fees.

    Gonna update my progress thread now.


    Submitted to you Jeff, hope you receive it. A confirmation would be appreciated.

    Welp, 1.75 as a deduction isn't so bad... I guess...
    oh ya, i didn't get the confirmation yet (and not ask before, totally forget about it)
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    Oooh! I'm glad you guys managed to squeeze these in! OKAY, all the submissions are in! I will be sending out confirmations today, and we'll be judging throughout the day. Winners will be announced tomorrow provided today goes as planned. I'll let everyone who submitted know in a PM how they did, along with any extra comments we might have!

    good luck to everyone

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    Judging by the amount of people who turned in and came through in the clutch, im more nervous about my standing xD Man I wish I spent more than two weeks on it now :P Next round is going to be so lit though. Good luck everyone!
    SPAC: Genesis

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    AWE MAN cant wait to hear how I did......

    Todays the big day
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    Oooh! Most of the scores are in, but it might be later in the day before the last few are in. Sit tight!!!

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    JUST gatta wait JUST gatta wait

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    Daamnn can't wait ti see the result D:>

    exceld | excore

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    Omg can't wait for the result!
    Good luck for all participants wish to be the best!

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    Winners are up! I will be messaging each author in the next day or so to let them know. If you didn't send me your PayPal please do otherwise you won't get your prize! Apologies for this being so late in the day but I wanted to make sure it was out ASAP. I am heading off to bed so santa can break and enter into my house undisturbed, any questions will be answered as soon as I can! Enjoy the holidays everyone!

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