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Thread: STHOM's SFX

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    Hey guys! STHOM Here. I decided I'd release a sound pack to my files. I recently got some new ones, and yes, I use Bacons Fabulous Sound Kit, but now I put together my own sounds. (Not my sounds, I ripped them from Terkoiz and Pepper. Credit them!)

    These sounds are basically for starting animators but for anyone who wants a sound pack that's basic (has some amazing snds) then you need this.


    Remember, I ripped these. Credit to @terkoiz and @Pepper for the sounds.

    See ya!

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    I'm gonna give this a whirl.


    Because I misread your thread as being "STHOM's SEX," and such a fabulous misread deserves to have due credit.

    Although if you got these from two of Ter and Pep, then are they really yours? Anyhow, like I said, I'll check them out.
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    Thank you for the sounds. I really appreciate it.

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