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Thread: What Happened?

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    What Happened?

    Stickpage used to be a bit more lively didn't it? Is there an IRC chat? I checked the #stickpage chat on the adelais server and nobody was there.

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    Click the tab at the top of the page that says "Chat." Yes, that's much more active. Still, we have bursts. Different competitions in the RHG/animation, a slow spell for the wRHG, and just general "IT'S ALMOST SUMMERRRRRRR" laziness might be slowing things.

    Considering you're new, just give it time. Things pick up and slow down over time.

    Anyhow, do follow the Chat link at the top of the page. We have Discord (and the Writer's Lounge has a Skype chat too).
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    The Discord channel has somewhat replaced the General Chat area, since we're all basically general chatting away over there. The writer's section is quite active, although yeah animation itself is quieter than usual. That will change when the new website with a good Portal gets finished, though.

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