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Thread: Getting LinkedIn with Azure

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    Getting LinkedIn with Azure

    So recently because of school and subsequently work, I've been getting more and more into LinkedIn which, if anyone doesn't know, is essentially the Business Social Media site. Make a profile, follow businesses, network with people, look like a decent employee. Well, I've been getting particularly interested in the articles in my feed since I've bothered to actually start looking at them, and I've found some genuinely interesting things. So I'm gonna just post links to some cool articles I find and we can discuss em and junk. I could change the ones in the OP, or it could just be a case of find the page the article is on. Feel free to post your own LinkedIn stories, and if anybody wants to network, that works too. Obviously linking with me is linking with somebody in the Hospitality field looking into food and beverage, but hey. Never know when a job might pop up.

    So this first story is pretty much about how we're making more food than we need all over the world, but we can't actually handle it, which means the food crisis is currently man made. Thought it was pretty nuts, really.

    This second story is about how people want more choices, but more choices can actually be really bad for business. Again, pretty nifty stuff to read over. While this mostly impacts my industry, all news essentially effects everyone to some degree.

    Spoiler for What I've Obtained:

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    Since this seems to be on topic, I'll say it. I've read in Nat Geo before that food is getting scarce due to bacteria and viruses evolving faster than we can defeat them. The reason is because there is hardly any diversity nowadays in food. 200 years ago there was several hundred species of lettuce, lots of diversity so if one species died out, there were still a hundred others. But nowadays we only grow the "best" species ever, which is limiting diversity so now there are only 20-30 species of lettuce. And now bacteria and viruses have somehow been able to destroy those species, so we need to start getting more diverse with vegetables so that we won't run out of food and stuff. Oh, and farmers will often discard ugly but edible food because ugly food looks bad on the supermarket. I've eaten two legged carrots and deformed eggplants in Asia before, they tasted okay to me.

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