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View Poll Results: Which game sucks more this year?

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  • No Man's Sky

    3 30.00%
  • Mighty No. 9

    7 70.00%
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Thread: Which game is the more disappointing flop of 2016?

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    Which game is the more disappointing flop of 2016?

    Okay, without the hype and the expectations surrounding it, both these games play pretty ok and aren't necessarily bad. But this poll is asking which one is the more disappointing of the two.

    First, the elephant in the room:

    Red Corner: No Man's Sky
    A Review:

    I'm sure alot of you already know about this game. In itself, it isn't actually bad. Although, the first 15 hours are going to feel like a grind. When the game finally lets you acquire a certain thing halfway in the progress, that's when it really gets fun. Just zoning out and stuff.

    But 60 dollars? You're kidding, right?

    No Man's Sky was promised alot of bullshit features that never made it to the final game. It outright lied to you with its trailers and interviews. The game itself has very lacking interfaces and annoying generic shit that were probably acceptable in the 90s. And where has the dev gone? Disappeared. With everyone's money. The dev team was clearly way over its head, but they just didn't care. They priced it at 60 knowing full well it wasn't ready and it was never going to have multiplayer as they Sean had promised.


    Blue Corner: Mighty No. 9
    A Review:

    Next we have a game that was overshadowed this year by No Man's Sky. A game that had made waves many many years before. Back in the days when crowdfunding games weren't a thing yet, Mighty No. 9 appeared as the first Kickstarter project funded by someone actually in the game industry. A Capcom guy who wanted to make another Megaman game without all that "Corporate Bullshit". Playing to the heart of Megaman fans, it was the first Kickstarter to gain millions in backed funds---over 100% more than what was expected.

    So of course nothing can go wrong right?

    The game has since had a slur of controversies. A social justice community manager, an offensive trailer, the announcement of another heartstring-pulling game to be funded before this one was released, and of course...a mediocre game. Mighty No. 9 was described as having "no heart". It was generic, uninspired, and rather cheap difficult. You died alot in this game and it wasn't even considered Megaman Hard.

    So to summarize:
    No Man's Sky - Created a hype train that burned out in the end and quietly left the fans to drown.
    Mighty No 9 - Infamously successfully funded through reputation, but created alot of controversies and didn't deliver in the end.

    Which one is the worse flop of the 2 in terms of disappointment?

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    No man's sky. Why? Only my friends talk about how bad it is and how upset they are. One gets physical. It's scarring. I'll never be able to face him the same way. I can't even say words like "nomad" cause it sounds too similar to... you know what.

    On the other hand, I have never heard of No. 9 until this thread. Maybe I live under a rock. But it's no contest at this point.
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    Christ. When even archy has more sense than half the people on these last three pages you know there's something gone wrong.

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    No man's sky wasn't a disappointment for me because I knew it was trash the second it was announced. Unfortunately not many people saw through the facade and realized that they were basically marketing a tech demo with gameplay elements tacked on to make a quick buck.

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    No Man's Sky. I spent a ton of time analyzing gameplay features and new trailers and beta plays and then crap is released. It isn't worth the hype or money spent making the game. It's just a giant random simulator.

    On the other hand, Mighty No. 9 wasn't dissapointing at all. I knew it would be a bad game, so when it was released, I wasn't surprised.

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    Okay so remember when I said both games were decently playable minus the hype?

    I was wrong. Mighty No 9 is truly unplayable as shit.

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    So I went online and watched some Might No. 9 gameplay... it looks terrible tbh. Looks like a great idea at first glance though.

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