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Thread: Klaus Paragon

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    Back, baby.
    As for Madness, yay, I did it too (the movement description thing... kinda).
    As for Vern, nice job with the name. Although I would have added more blazeit and other completely unnecessary memes. Also I'm done on my own thread as well. YAY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madness_Brothers View Post
    S: Malacal, well neither of you know me IRL, and besides, I think that there are people on this forum that revealed their diseases and no one actually cared about.
    I just found it incredibly ironic.
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    Honestly, pretty damn good for a first-time job. Congrats.

    I'm not huge on extensive complements, so take that first sentence for a lot, because I don't give them out glibly :P.

    Critiques --- not tons to critique, because the sort of vague shortcomings a char like this has can either be fixed by learning from experience in writing, or you'll move on to a new char. I can tell you are ready and willing to work to have the best material possible.

    I would say to work on your proof-reading, big time. I understand English isn't your primary language (extra creds for writing in a foreign language, btw...I can't do that). Still, there are TONS of times here where I can tell you knew what word you wanted, but misspelled just because you weren't careful. You wrote "hid" for "his," and I know you understand the word "his" because you used it plenty. You wrote "with" for "white" and I know you understand "white" because you used it. That sort of thing.

    Otherwise, I'm a big curious about the weight thing. I did/do a ton of sports (mainly outdoor sports) that have kept me slim since I was a kid, because my parents did. Still, without any fat on me, at 15 and 5'4" I weighed 150 lbs (and I'm more on the lean side of things...not that stout). To be 6'2" and 24 and only be 149 lbs tells me one of two things -- either this dude is "i'm super sick/about to freakin die nothing but skin and bones" skinny, or you don't have a proper understanding of the mass indicated by a pound.
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    S: Could you mods bin this please?

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