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Thread: my thread for being a admin for stick empires

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    Oct 2016

    my thread for being a admin for stick empires

    where is the modstone for stick empires?
    i really want to be a admin for stick empires because im so active on stick empire im on stick empires all day every day i can help stick emires alot by banning people who break the rules and i just want to help out so please reply one of the stick empires admins and tell me where modstone like aseplayer you an reply and tell me where modstone is and i will be the admin on stick empires who is always online because most admins are never online but i always am online and again please give me modstone my stick empires account is IMystI

    hi admins of stick empires please tell me where the modstone is
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    1. Do not double post.
    2. I explained this in the ban registrar, but you can't just become a mod or admin. Sorry.

    Spoiler for What I've Obtained:

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    you wont be a mod.
    + you're giving you accs to get higher in rank . so you got scammed by antitaliang.
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    i didnt do that higher acc stuff thats my little brother

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