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Thread: (SPAC) The Legend of Zebulon

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    (SPAC) The Legend of Zebulon

    The Legend of Zebulon

    Thank you Terkoiz and all who placed over me for making the flaws in my mindset apparent and giving me a reason to try harder. Truly ashamed that I've never put my all into an animation before. That is changing with this one. If it doesn't, I probably just quit animation lol. The odds are extremely low though, I'm getting too old for that nonsense

    Main Idea/Goals

    Zebulon, son of Vlayo(who has died), is now ruler of a hereditary monarch civilization in the year 3045. I kind of want this whole experience to be entirely a surprise, and see if I can properly convey the big picture through a relatively small portion of the story. There's a resistance, human population is low. Your mind can fill in the rest for now, and the animation will fill it with correct information later. The run time will probably be around 3-4 minutes, give or take. I also plan to stretch my background muscles well for this one.

    Progress log

    All of October : Warming up and getting back in shape.

    11/1 : Began brainstorming ideas.

    11/4 : Settled on this idea. Began writing background story and coming up with characters. I want this animation to be solid in every aspect.

    11/6 : Began feeling out the vibe I want to go for by doing some of the main menu.

    11/10 : Finally got all my schoolwork done, now back with a clearer idea on how I want the animation to feel. Began storyboard, 30 seconds in.

    11/18 : I've restarted the storyboard, as I've been trying to figure out storyboarding in general to get my idea across in an effective manner. I've never worked on something over 2 minutes you know, this past week figuring that out will pay off in the long run for a better quality animation, at least that's the hope. 50 seconds in on this version

    Spoiler for Screenshots:

    ~Best of luck to my opponents~

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    *overhype intensifies*

    exceld | excore

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    omg this one is pretty dope!
    things getting more interesting.

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    Oh crap, I can sense how serious you are with this :0 Good luck, man!

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    wow good luck friend xD
    the only animator i know is bahijd

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    *Hype* ayy I've finally found you
    I believe in Jesus Christ. If your not afraid to admit it then paste this into your signature.

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    I've never been more hyped for an animation before.
    I can tell this will be amazing
    GL man I'll look around here from time to time

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    you got this

    i am very pumped for your entry

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