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Thread: SPAC: "Harsh Intentions" [Old and New]

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    SPAC: "Harsh Intentions" [Old and New]

    Hello there : )
    Welcome to my progress thread on "Harsh Intentions", my entry for the SPAC tournament themed "Old and New"
    I personally think this theme is really interesting as it invests in the storytelling department and a good story is always a key element in making animations better. I wish the best of luck to all participants.

    I will try to update as often as i can.
    There's things holding me back such as school, work, chores, training but I won't let any of it stop me from making this. Here's a chance to step up and finish something HUGE.

    News Log

    20/11/2016 : Created Thread.
    20/11/2016 : Storyboard planned, music choices selected and core backstory written out.
    21/11/2016 : Music cropped and edited
    21/11/2016 : Character construction/build
    21/11/2016 : Character/Landscape design
    23/11/16 : Story boarding/planning.
    23/11/16 : Created some practice sequences to figure out which combinations of style should be used.
    23/11/16 : Designed landscape design and atmosphere.
    24/11/16 : More landscape design. Planning to finish most of it before the animation process begins.

    I've been planning the plot since Oct 1st, when the competition thread was first put up.
    I don't want to spoil it for you as it will greatly diminish the effect it should have on the audience but psssstt: it involves time travelling.

    Anyhow, it revolves around a person who goes back in time to fix a mistake. What will be the consequences?

    Again, I feel like i should keep the music to myself as the choices themselves may be a spoiler.
    XD regardless, I'm choosing to use one of Ruby My Dear's tracks for the main climax fight.
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    Good luck man on this man! I wonder what will this be about..

    exceld | excore

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    ayy good luck ehmed
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    Quote Originally Posted by exceld View Post
    Good luck man on this man! I wonder what will this be about..
    Thanks Exceld and Kronus
    Hope i dont disappoint both of you :')
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    Good luck

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