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Thread: Character Clubhouse and Interview Lounge: Break Two, Azure has Difficulties in Life T

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    (OOC: Originally, but then Dooms gave this account to me. For a few reasons, none of which this thread needs to know(PM me if you need to though)
    Hand grabs onto Cadell's arm and waits to see a reaction.

    For the perceptive, this is obviously a test of some sort. Just to let you know.

    [A Cephalon of the Tenno ]
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    (OOC: You're not fooling anyone m8.)

    Squinting at Hand, Cadell sighed. "Yeah, no. That's just you being a creepy sonofagun. Not sure what culture you're from bub, but this is my arm. Personal property, I'll have you know. Get off."

    (Coming "soon")

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    Incarne does the same and turns to leave.

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