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Thread: BEGINNERS - Survival ($1,000 in prizes! $330 first place!) - Winter Competition 2017

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    BEGINNERS - Survival ($1,000 in prizes! $330 first place!) - Winter Competition 2017


    What would you do if you were stranded outside in the cold of winter? What if aliens invaded, or zombies attacked? How would you stay alive? This competition is all about survival. We want you to come up with an animation focusing on surviving against all odds. There are no other restrictions, the setting is up to you! Think you can come up with the best survival animation?

    We would like all entrants to make a thread in the Works In Progress forum and keep it updated with your progress as you animate your submission. Doing this is not a requirement but we will be granting bonus points to those that keep their thread up to date, so make sure you make your thread to collect those points! Here are some past examples of the kind of thread we want you to make:

    Note: This competition is intended for beginners only. If you can make a better animation than this, you should join one of our main competitions instead. Otherwise, feel free to join in!

    Entry Scoring

    Submissions will be scored on the following criteria:

    • Animation - Demonstration of technical animation skill. Things such as timing, rhythm, arcs, squash, stretch, etc. will all be taken into account.
    • Art - How well you can draw. We'll look at things like design, detail, coloring, outlines, etc.
    • Length - We require a minimum of 60 seconds, but it doesn't have to be exactly 60 seconds. A longer animation is better as long as the quality doesn't suffer because of it.
    • Originality - We're looking for entrants to try new things! The more you set yourself apart the better.

    • Posted in Competition Thread
    • Created WIP Thread
    • Kept WIP Thread Updated

    The animation itself accounts for the majority of total possible points, but final ranking is not determined solely by how good your animation is.


    Competition Begins
    The competition officially commences, entries can be submitted any time after this.
    Final Due Date
    All entries must be submitted by this date!
    Winners Announcement
    Judges will spend the week reviewing and scoring entries. The final results will be posted this day.

    How To Enter

    To enter the competition all you need to do is reply to this thread stating what your survival setting is. After posting, make your progress thread in the Works in Progress section. When you have finished your animation, double check that you've met all the requirements listed below and send me a private message with your PayPal email address and a link to the SWF of your entry, or the video file if you've chosen to use another program. You may still submit an entry even if you don't make a WIP thread or post here, but you will be at an automatic disadvantage to those who do!

    We will accept submissions and announce the winners according to the timeline above. We will be releasing the submitted animations on a weekly schedule after the competitions ends, so remember not to leak your entry anywhere until two days after it goes up on official StickPage channels! If you do not supply a PayPal email address you will not be able to receive your prize if you win.


    These must be followed in order for your submission to qualify. Failure to meet these requirements will automatically disqualify your entry.

    • Must mainly focus on stick figures
    • Must be a complete finished animation, cannot be split into multiple parts
    • Must have sound effects & music
    • Credits & introductions should not be excessively long, we will not accept submissions that have more credits than animation
    • Must contain a minimum of 60 seconds of animation excluding any introductions or credits
    • Must contain official StickPage branding (download Flash package here or MP4 video package here), applied in the following ways:
      • Introduction - A brief animated introduction to be placed at the very beginning of your animation, after any preloaders and before any other introductions
      • Main Menu Link - If your animation is a SWF and has a menu, a link to StickPage must be present somewhere in it
      • Watermark - A StickPage watermark must be present in the lower left-hand corner of the animation throughout playback, must be a link to StickPage if it's a SWF
      • Credits - StickPage must also appear during the credits, must be a link if it's a SWF
    • All released versions of the animation must contain the StickPage branding described above
    • Must not be released until a two days after it goes up on official StickPage channels
    • Must have a PayPal account to receive prize


    We have a total of $1,000 in prizes for this competition. Check out the break down below:

    1st - $330
    2nd - $200
    3rd - $120
    4th - $80
    5th - $70
    6th - $60
    7th - $50
    8th - $40
    9th - $30
    10th - $20

    FAQ & Help

    Not sure on something? Feel free to post questions in this thread! Common answers or good questions will be added below.


    Here are our entrants and their progress so far!

    Announced: 20 | Progress Threads: 8/20

    AwesTube RalvinTY
    "SAF 44"
    Corebunny darkhitman
    "Bad Dreams"
    Seagull poppetje3D Horizon28
    "Berserk Apocalypse"
    "Survival 101"
    StallionSP MethodAnims1
    Akiya N T
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    You know, I think I will actually join this one.

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    u better

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    where do you think?
    "If you can make a better animation than this, you should join one of our main competitions instead."

    Nah, I'm still joining this. :^)
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    Paypal isn't supported in my country (so pissed) can I use skrill instead?

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    I just started animating just months ago so that means I'm still a beginner. So ill be joining this one. because im done with my current project.

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    Joining. I'll edit this post with a work in progress thread after I've made it.
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    Hey, I'm doing something now.

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    I will join this >

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    wew 82 days, it;s longer than before. Goodluck everyone
    "I fight to defend all my love"

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    where do you think?

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