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Thread: BEGINNERS competition for winter 2017 has started!

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    BEGINNERS competition for winter 2017 has started!

    Hello StickPage! We are finally starting another beginners competition today, this time with a much simpler theme of survival! All you've gotta do this time is think of a survival setting and make an animation out of it! More information in the official thread. We are shifting the beginners competition schedule to begin 2 weeks before the end of the main competition instead of 2 weeks after. Good luck to everyone who joins!

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    Ahh, I missed that competition but I am interested in it now. Can you tell me when this competition will start again. And what I have to do in this competition to get that first prize. Actually, I am making a new website and for that I really need a money. I am also looking for the keyword. My friend recommend me website for keyword research tool. And for all this, I need money and I am looking for an online competition in which I have chance to win. Like, I am good at making an animation that is why I want to compete in this competition and I also want to know how can I apply. Waiting for your positive response.

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    It's good news for fans of this competition. In this article, the author clearly added all the details of the competition. Especially starting and ending date and time. This article is really helpful for everyone. HostSailor shared ssd hosting Thank you for sharing this article and All the best for all participants.

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