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Thread: RHG Tournament (Fighting Game)

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    *witty place that I'm not really at*

    RHG Tournament (Fighting Game)

    Hello hello! So, some of you may know that I've been working on a fighting game in Unity for the last few months featuring RHG characters. I've been avoiding making this thread so far because for the last 5 or so months, I've been studying abroad in Japan and didn't have much time to work on it, not to mention I didn't even know if I'd be up to fully follow through with it. However, I've made relatively decent progress regarding script writing and physics simulations in Unity, and now that I'm back in the states and only have to deal with easy American classes, I should have a bit more time to dedicate to it. Also, it would be nice to get feedback based on whatever screenshots I have so things that don't look very good can be changed. Please keep in mind that this game is in it's extremely early stages, and not only is this my first attempt at making any sort of game outside of Java, but I'm also only one person who has responsibilities outside of this. That means that there may be long stretches of time where this thread doesn't get any updates because I haven't had enough spare time to be able to work on things very much, but that doesn't mean it's dead or that I've given up. Regardless, this is purely a passion project for me and I don't have any obligations to anyone regarding it's completion. That being said, here's the rundown:

    Model: This is a 2.5D fighter like Street Fighter 4 & 5, King of Fighters 14, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, Supah Smash Bruddas, etc. meaning it uses 3D models on a 2D plane. The model is the actual character the player controls. If I had to compare it to any of the above, UMVC3 and KOF 14 are probably the closest to it in the way they play.

    Rig: The rig is the set of bones which allows a character to move. They generate the hitboxes for a character as well.

    Movement: Pretty self explanatory. Back and forth walking, dashes, jump, crouch, etc.

    Normals: Light, Medium, Heavy, and Launcher attacks.

    Specials: Non-super moves that are unique to a particular character. A good example are Hadoukens from Street Fighter.

    Supers: Big flashy "kill you until you're dead" moves. *Please note that every character will have at least 3 supers. 2 lvl 1s and a lvl 3 or higher*

    Flair: Things like intros, outros, taunts, defeat animations, hair and clothing physics, etc.

    Spoiler for Death Jr.:

    Spoiler for Magus:

    Spoiler for Jade:

    Spoiler for Umbrella:

    Spoiler for Honey:

    Spoiler for Precipice of Fate:

    There's also a generic training stage for testing. Certain stages will come along with the completion of certain characters. E.G. Jade --> Nemesis HQ Stage


    Dr. David Roy MacBeth

    Light - The Undead Paladin

    Nemesis HQ

    The Ministry's Temple

    Let me mention that while anyone is free to pitch their RHG character to me either in this thread or in PMs to be included in the game, only submissions that meet the below criteria will be considered.

    1. If it's not bipedal, it needs to be tall enough on all fours to stand at least a foot or so below eye level for an average human. If they are bipedal and taller than normal that's fine. Just look at Magus.

    2. Needs to be realizable in a fighting game. Some RHGs are really awesome in a general sense, but don't lend themselves well to a fighting game environment.

    3. Can't overlap. I don't want 5 characters who all have the same abilities or play style. So for example, if there's a character with a whip already in the game, and you send me a character with some sort of whip variation or chain, odds are they won't get in unless there's something else unique about them.

    4. Be detailed! I can't stress this one enough. Don't just send me a link to your RHG page with a "pls" next to it. I need details on their appearance (hair color/style, outfit, color scheme, skin tone, etc.). Translating stick figures to a 3D model without any prior design to go off of is difficult. Secondly, I need some kind of idea for how they would play. An ability that's unique to them, or a special resource system they could have for example. If you already have full-body concept art for them and a whole conceptual moveset planned out already that's a huge bonus! Obviously some things will probably be changed about it but it saves me a lot of time and subsequently boosts your chances.

    Yes, WRHGs are allowed as well. You might even say they're preferred, given the typical amount of detail included in their stories and battles. But if your regular RHG has multiple animations under their belt, that pretty much puts them on the same tier.

    Because I don't wanna work on more than a certain number of characters at the same time, after you've made your pitch and I've seen it, whenever I get around to it (or if I just feel like it) I'll slap a rig on a plain/blank model and try making a few of your character's conceptual moves and see how well they could be implemented in the game. If it looks and feels good, then they're in and I'll post an update once their model and rig is done.

    Lastly, if your RHG is already being added to the game but you don't want your RHG being used, just tell me and they're as good as gone


    Spoiler for Progress updates:
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    wow, so surprising that someone actually made a real 3d version of RHG! So Awesome!
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    Holy shit this is dope man! Good luck on developing this!

    exceld | excore

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    tdgljaseorgheas no words to describe how cool this is.

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    Back, baby.
    i have to agree with person(as always)

    there are no fucking words

    too much awesome blrgh

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    This looks amazing! :O

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    *witty place that I'm not really at*
    Thanks! That means a lot. I was a bit self-conscious about what I had so far.
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    Huh? Why'd you edit your post into something completely different than before? ( I saw the post before you edited)

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    Huh, I think I'll throw a pitch or two.

    Spoiler for What I've Obtained:

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    Grim, you are the biggest reason I would go gay.

    Spoiler for Light, The Undead Paladin pitch:

    If you would prefer much more detail, then please do tell. I unfortunately have no concept art, so thats my bad.

    I think this criterion would work better if you made a full fledged table for it btw. Like this.

    Spoiler for Pitch:

    Spoiler for SamplePitch:

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