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Thread: Thoughts about Universe Guidance Thread for wRHG

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    Fair enough!

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    H: Even though I'm still more on the "no" side, I'll do mine as it could be somehow beneficial and I'm excited to see other canons. ^^

    Starve's Mindscape

    Hunger's Mindscape

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    I think we should leave this as an optional thing, like it's always been. I've seen far more good arguments against a single canon than for it, but here's the real reasons it shouldn't happen:
    - Few people will read the whole thing anyways, making it redundant. Especially not new members.
    -An all encompassing meta won't be enforced. If someone writes a part that doesn't fit in the canon, should it be disqualified? No, that would be shooting ourselves in the foot. This makes having a single canon redundant as well.
    - There's no reason to do it outside of sounding kind of cool to do. Not worth the downsides tbh.
    -A few people operating on a long accepted single canon wont explain their references to in- world things, and their stories will lose a lot of ability to be enjoyed by most people.

    If my opinion matters at all I gotta oppose this idea too

    Edit: But if this indeed optional and it's a thread to reference other characters separate metas then I'm okay with it.
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