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Thread: Need help for game

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    Need help for game

    I want to make a chosse dead game but i canīt make the game myself, only the videos. Maybe someone can help me by making this game and make the menu where you can choose the dead. what do you mean about tesler?

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    If I'm understanding correctly those games take very little coding knowledge. Just look up some tutorials for actionscript buttons and link them to different animations.

    I assume you mean games like this:
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    So make all of the animations where people die or whatever, put them in their own individual movie clips, make a preloader frame, a title frame, and then as many frames as you need for each individual movie clip. So if you have 8 people to choose from that die you will have a total of 10 keyframes in your animation if you do it like I explained it. On each keyframe except the preloader keyframe (because it should already be in the code but if it isnt, do it anyway), select the keyframe, press F9 to open up actions, and type


    It works best if you make a layer for actionscript above everything else, so you could do this with two layers. Now, on your title frame or whatever frame you have where you select who dies, make each way of selecting who dies (whether it be a character or words) into a button by selecting it and pressing F8 (convert to symbol) and select button in the drop down. Now let's say you have a blue guy that you can select to die, and his movie clip is on frame 5, select the button, hit F9 and type:


    the "5" in the code represents what frame you're navigating to, all you would have to do is add this code to each button individually (not the frame) and make sure they all link up to their corresponding frame. After you do this, go into each individual movie clip you have on it's stand alone frame by double clicking it (it's how you edit movie clips), make a new layer above everything for actions, and on the very last frame in the movie clip convert the last frame into a keyframe, select it, and press F9 to add actionscript to the frame. Once you have the actions menu open, type


    The _root. applies the following code to the core animation, and not the movie clip. This is also assuming the selection happens on frame 2 in your main animation. Just add this code to the last frame in all of the movie clips and it will automatically take the viewer back to where they need to go.

    And if you don't know how to convert an animation to a movie clip, it's actually pretty simple. On the first frame, create a layer and draw any shape like a box or a circle. Then, use your mouse and select every frame and every layer of the animation EXCEPT for the box/circle/whatever you just drew on a separate layer. Right click the selected frames and select "cut frames". Then delete all of the frames until only one frame is left on the timeline with the movie clip you just created. Double click it to go inside of it to edit it, delete the shape that you made, select the blank layer on the timeline, right click, and select paste frames. Then you can just double click out of the movie clip and align it with the stage if you need to.

    This all assumes you have Flash and a version of it that supports ActionScript 2.
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