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Thread: Writer Awards: 2016

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    Secret Psychopath Crank's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    The Lower Peninsula
    Thanks for voting!
    Spoiler for Final Tally Winners:
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    A weathered old man SaulMurphy's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Crank View Post
    Best Battle:
    First: Sebastian vs Janice
    Second: wRHG Battle Royal
    Specifically SAUL MURPHY'S Battle Royal... (just being a prick about things)

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    The Father of the Gods SriGraecus's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Olympus, Home of the Gods
    Best Arc, wondrous. Still writing that, btw.
    これは 私の遺産.
    (This is my legacy)

    (Witness my greatest acomplishment)
    立ち会う私の最大の 成果

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    No ordinary girl... Cassandra's Avatar
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    Feb 2014
    What's OTP mean again? I looked through the posts and read other people's votes...but I still don't know what it stands for :P

    Need Help With Your wRHG? Send me a Private Message and I'll see what I can do!

    "A successful writer is one that can fully immerse readers within their world."

    Any and all of my wRHGs have left this site. They will return when (and if) the forum returns to life.

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    Just Smiling Aquila's Avatar
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    One True Pairing, as in this is a destined couple.

    I am prepared to meet my maker.
    Whether or not he's prepared to meet me....
    well that's another matter, isn't it?
    Spoiler for Infinite Battle:

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    Senior Member Chromium7's Avatar
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    A Quick Thanks / Follow-Up :
    > Regarding Collab with acutelatios
    Kamiroo Wolf, Urako, and Crank voted "Duo + Dante" as the best collab of 2016. Having been a part of -anybody's- "best" of anything on this forum is a pleasure to me, as is the opportunity to not only write with acute on pt. 1, but to be again afforded the responsibility of carrying on the legacy of one of our community's greatest and most missed writers, moderators, clanmates and friends. (o w o)
    > Regarding Most Missed
    It should go without saying that for there to be a category dedicated to the -most- missed writer, there's probably a hell of a lot more people that people miss that, while maybe not -topping- the list, sure as hell made it. I saw mention of Kyra, I think Seb, probably Twitchy, think I threw in Hazz, but yes of course Mylo, Gavin, WarCorr, & whatshisname- all of you folk and more are missed. (even Azure)
    > Regarding Rookies
    Some cool new people here and writing now. Keep at it! (even Dooms)
    > Regarding Battles
    Hell of a year for battles, 2016. We had the Royale, the Clan War, and I think one or two where the winning writer had the opposing writer's character win the actual battle? I'm enjoying the various explorations of the traditional format and eager to be a part of whatever comes of it next.
    > Regarding Best Clan
    I'd just like to say that the current lineup of active clans are among the best we've ever seen here. This was a hard pick. (also thanks for letting me join three of you at once, wtf?!)
    > Regarding OTPs
    You know what we want, Dan.

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