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Thread: Danganronpa: a Mafia Classroom Game | Closed indefinitely

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    Am a bit busy today, I'll have signups and new items/chars/roles in a couple of hours

    Signups for Game 2:

    1. Alphaeus

    2. Raptor

    3. Smile

    4. Skeleton

    5. Mantha

    6. Drizzle





    Zero, Errorblender? Are you guys returning?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hewitt View Post
    Yes yes, this McPerson is really uncouth. I will kick him out officially and blacklist him for griefing on purpose and unnecessarily extending the game.
    That's not even the problem I stated, I don't even know where you get that from. It was 2 completely differently separated issues. The fact that Smile alone can almost won the game for the despair shows how both imbalanced this game is, and how little effort that barely anyone put in this game, that disapoints me. While Mcperson literally did nothing throughout the game, let alone contribute anything to either sides. The problem is that he is literally half of what the game supposed to be. It is everyone vs him (and Smile). So you're telling me that I spent all of my effort against someone who did not even care one bit about the game? Let alone it disappoints Smile even more when all his efforts going wasted this whole game. I respect his struggles throughout the entire game and I am well sure that no one else wants to be put in the same situation again.

    And no, I won't be joining the next game no longer as I wish not to spend too much time like I did previously in the game and not getting much results due to most other's lack of interests throughout the game no thank you.
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    Hey guys, I'm gonna have to postpone this indefinitely. Something came up that requires a little more attention.

    I might put up another game in the meantime. Sorry about this. I'll make another thread when the time comes.

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