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I'm not gonna lie and be flat out straight with this:

I was bored. You see, once you've seen stickfigure fights over and over and OVER again, it gets to the point where it's the same damn thing. Objectively, this was good. However, fun factor wise, personally, it's pretty bland. The whole scene didn't have any meaning over it, the whole piece felt like you just animated the moves as it goes, and it doesn't really feel like a "brawl" considering the other dude legit got beaten up so badly he turned into 10 guys. This felt more of a "beatdown" and a fast paced one too. Try to space out and vary your tempo in fighting. It would create a much more dynamic result.
Dude you were right on the ball park with that. One of my biggest issues is how I don't really choreograph the movements beforehand, leading to the poor spacing in terms of pacing, and very one sided fights with poor and half-assed reactions from the receiving stickfigure. Thank you this will definitely be something I will now be aware of!