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Thread: Siber the chaos dragon

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    same as this

    Siber the chaos dragon

    Siber had recently woken up from the large cave he modified with elemental crystals, he walked outside and and his dragon form half way taken over allowing him to have wings in human form. he had been flying for hours when he reached a nearby town, but when he landed a group of mercenaries ambushed him. Siber simply looked at hem and began walking away then one of them stood right in front of him while the others surrounded him. "you got quite the bounty on ya, come quietly." Siber let off a small grin. "seems unfair, for you. seven against one, one of you fight me one on one, and if you manage to hit me then i will surrender to you." "okay, let's go! then one of them charged Siber who stood completely still until the cutthroat came close he then moved to the side, grabbed his arm threw him in the air jumped very high and twist kicked him higher while Siber landed safely on the ground and charged his energy blast ability and smiled slyly and muttered "Pathetic." and the blast went straight into the air and phased inside the airborne cutthroat and he screamed as the blast burned him from the inside and out and disappeared completely in a massive explosion. "how disappointing, i was hoping he would have at least got close to a singal strike but, oh well. mortals never seem to suffice." the group of cutthroats stood in shock motionless even. "what is the matter? murder is indeed your strong suit is it not? "Get him!" they all charged at once and Siber's wings grew out once more his eyes changed to a fire like color while changing to the eyes of a serpent. "This may get interesting."
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    Okay that's it. I doubt you're trying anything malicious, but you need to post all your information regarding the character on one single page and you need to post it here.

    You can also find the rules here.
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