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Thread: Siber's past

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    same as this

    Siber's past

    Siber woke up in the dark prison known as the realm of oblivion, Siber keeping track of the many years he has been here which was 1,500 years. but here is a place where peace does not exist, many assortments of creatures have been captured and sentenced here for many years even an eternity. Siber on the other hand had prepared his escape for many years and even befriended the guards to convince them to release him, luckily one of the guards had given Siber a sword made to combat the creatures here, one of such are undead some smarter than others but oh well. demons with powers over others and one dragon which was Siber, since he is the most powerful only the strongest guards can keep watch on Siber but even then they have trouble with it. Siber had been waiting patiently for the guards to bring his food when a demon like creature walked up to the cell. Siber couldn't move since he was in human form chained to the wall. "well, well. what do we have here? the mighty Siber chained like a beast and kept here for eternity, if you want i could help you escape fro a price. Siber looked up and slyly smiled, "Thanks for the offer, but i have a plan of my own. i know better than to trust soul sellers." "hmm, smart dragon. very well, but if you change your mind let me know." "As i said, i have a plan." the demon left and a familiar guard came into the cell and put food on the table. "You okay Siber?" the guard asked releasing the chains just enough for Siber to reach the food. "Soon i shall be." "let me know when you need more okay?" and he walked out. Siber smiled at how the guard forgot to put the chains back on. he pulled not barely when the chains broke and same with rest, took a few steps forward and punched them too and they also broke, Siber looked up at the door, charged his blast ability and aimed at the door and blew it to pieces. he walked out and looked up at the portal that allows exit and entrance to the oblivion, and his eyes turned dragon like and the color turned fire red and his wings grew out. and Siber simply smiled as one of the guards saw him and pulled the alarm. and Siber was surrounded. "Ah, a challenge? i accept." "whatever you do, don't let him transform into a dragon." "You hope i won't need to. he was so close to freedom and the only thing standing between him and the portal were thousands of guards.
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