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Thread: Zinc Curzon

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    Zinc Curzon

    He is a normal human casually walking through the woods, One day.
    One day, He finds a sword in the depths of the woods, He eventually named it "Curzon".
    Despite of knowing the fact that the sword is a non-living thing, They became best buddies.

    One day while he got into trouble with Blue, He found out the truth of the Curzon.

    It had a beast called "IDK" sealed in it.
    The user could maintain bond with the sword, in order to gain its trust, Once it is convinced by the trust of his user, The beast lends hima fraction of his power.
    No one could defeat him. Despite gaining this power, Zinc was still quite and had a kind heart to spare everyone, leaving them almost dead anyway.

    That's all for now.
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    This needs a lot more; Picture, story, demo, etc

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