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    Sober is a fighter capable of taking on any opponent in a melee fight thanks to his combat prowess. Also, his passion for drinking made him insensitive to pain and unable to be affected mentally from his opponents in any possible way. Lastly, everytime he drinks he replenishes his stamina while also curing his body from minor wounds and purging it from toxins

    Sober can easily overpower his enemies when fighting them one at the time and in a melee fight. Facing multiple opponents simultaneously or foes that keep their distance can hinder him. Most importantely, Sober does not have any magical or supernatural feature, putting him at a severe disvantage when against such beings, weapons and attacks (mages, robots, monsters, magic weapons, magic/supernatural attacks, ecc.). Lastly, he relies on drinking to keep on fighting, meaning that not allowing him to drink can easily decide the outcome of the match


    Sober is a longshoreman that travels the world by going from one port to another on his patrons' ships. From his birth, his features were already set: born mute but with a strong body and the behaviour of a jolly man, no matter his actions or thoughts. Showing no predisposition for intellectual activities, he grew up using his body prowess for loading and unloading cargo on ships at the port. Because of his efficiency, he was often offered to follow the ships in their travels. Thanks to this, he manages to sail from one place to another, never staying too often in the same place

    By travelling, he visited different lands and learned how to use his strengths to the outmost. Thanks to this, his fighting skills grew to such heights that he can now handle any opponent, should it fight him alone and up close. As he works and moves around, he enjoys spending time in pubs, guzzling brews and brawling on whim. Not the best, but neither the worst, he joined the RHG as a means to fight other people

    Sober always acts in a joyful way no matter the situation, be it both when he's relaxing and when he's beating someone. His other main trait is that he will never speak, being mute, which brings him to act in a silly way when he needs to say something to someone. However, this also means that he won't try to communicate with others for most of the time as well, especially when against his opponents, where he won't communicate anything at all





    Story may be updated/progress with future animations
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