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Thread: Stickpage Explores: Favorite Music | (6 of 16 submitted)

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    yes Scarecrow's Avatar
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    five songs eh? very hard for me to narrow it down, so I'll pick some genre variety.

    1) Refraction / by mmodule
    curiously, this is the guy who did the music for madness interactive. this has remained one of my favourite songs since i looked him up like, a decade ago.

    2) Driftwood Palace / by Spoonbill
    this is an australian artist i really like. he's played at every rainbow serpent festival i've been to so far, good times.

    3) A Venus In My Pyjamas / by Chris Joss
    from a recent chris joss some groovy, top tier head bobbing right here.

    4) Silhouette / by Beats Antique
    from a recent beats antique album. one of my favourite songs from them so far, and that is saying something.

    5) Sidology ep. 2: Trinity / by Machinae Supremacy
    an instrumental journey in ~~video games~~

    here's hoping i remember to check this thread again later to vote or whatever. hew, maybe shoot me a PM or something when the time comes, so i get an email reminder...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hewitt View Post
    If this thread goes well, we might be open to new topics (like anime, games, or maybe even animators god forbid). But I chose music because it's a very relatable topic that anyone can jam to.
    short films would be cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salt View Post
    We only rank other people's entries right? Or does the list doesn't have to include the stuff we nominated as well.

    I changed the last song on my list.
    No, your stuff will be in the ranking too. It is your personal ranking as well. Then I shall compile everything.

    Quote Originally Posted by _Ai_ View Post
    Any deadlines for this? In the middle of finals, will be somewhat active starting next week.
    I'm keeping it up for as long as there are people who are interested. If you make it then good for you, if not then wait for the next one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    here's hoping i remember to check this thread again later to vote or whatever. hew, maybe shoot me a PM or something when the time comes, so i get an email reminder...
    Oh don't worry. I'll be broadcasting everyone in the PMs when I'm sure the Ranking period can begin.

    I plan to hold several Music Ranks for max diversity in the future. I mean, if this goes well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Index View Post
    short films would be cool
    I'll take note of it. Short films would be great!
    I'll probably make a queue or soemthing later down the road if this topic picks up further steam.

    Quote Originally Posted by mizu View Post
    off the top of my head probably gonna change some of them out
    Perfectly fine. All noms are not locked in until the period is closed.

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    salad days are gone Exile's Avatar
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    Let It Happen by Tame Impala

    The Moment by Tame Impala

    Annie by Mac Demarco

    Cirrus by Bonobo

    Divison by Tycho

    if you have a problem with two songs by Tame let me know and I'll post something else, but god damn those two tracks are just too good

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    where do you think?

    Spoiler for I support:

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    [ Epic / Intense / Battle ]

    Hiroyuki Sawano
    Before My Body is Dry
    Hiroyuki Sawano
    Battle Scars
    Hiroyuki Sawano
    Call Your Name

    [ Relax ]

    Hiroyuki Sawano
    Home ~in this corner~
    Sky Sailing
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    DeviantArt | YouTube

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    Finland, Still In My House

    Ok let's see...
    (In no particular sequence, I just dig those songs)

    1. Riot by Dance with the Dead

    2. Wonderland by Caravan Palace

    3. No Diggity by Blackstreet (I blame Pitch Perfect and a 90's party I went to recently)

    4. Leaving Earth OST ;-;

    5. Ornella Vanoni - L'appuntamento (Italianski song)


    Spoiler for Quotes worth Remembering:

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    Okay, so here are my 5 favorite musics:

    1. Build Our Machine by DAGames

    2. 6:24 by Danger

    3. Unresponsive by DefCat

    4. Ordinary Days by Klaus Veen

    5. Neon Nectar Plague by Fixions

    I like these musics due to the intensity of the beats

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