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Thread: Hello Guys. Just a sinply guy passing through

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    Hello Guys. Just a sinply guy passing through

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum, but i am familiar with the atmosphere. Let's get started.

    My pen name is Reese Desn. You can call me whatever you want to though. I don't really care too much. I am a follower of Rhg and has been watching animators and their works. I mainly follow guitan11 and Gildedguy. I know a bit about Rhg, and because Rhg inspired me to, well, write and animate, i am here to repay my debts. I have started to draw, i wrote a few works, and even in ongoing book, and i have done a fair bit of animation if i say so myself. I animate on weekends and write of weekdays. I update my book every Saturday and upload my animations within a month or two. So, with that in mind, i might be putting up a debut for my channel by the end of the month. It will be animated in pivot, reason being that my computer is dead and wont start until i get it fixed by the end of August, so i will be posting crappy pivot animations in the meantime. I will be releasing Clock part 1 in August 24- September 28.

    Here is my Work schedule:

    Sunday: Animate, Write.
    Monday: Write, Draw.
    Tueday: Write.
    Thursday: Write, Work on School.
    Friday: (No Ragrits mode) Work on School, Write, Animate
    Saturday: Animate, Update Book, Publish Work, feed the tortoise, relax.

    Oh, and to all you people that says that i act like a kid, well that is because I'm Twelve. Yup.

    Also, I'm an Aquarius. Be warned.

    Stay Cautious!
    -Reese Desn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConquerorSP View Post
    You can call me whatever you want to
    Ayy welcome to stickpage Bob,

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    I hope one day you will "conquer" it all welcome to Stickpage. The mother site of all the others

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