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Thread: SpiderStick vs. Doctor Octostick

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    SpiderStick vs. Doctor Octostick

    Hello, this is my first attempt at a pivot thingy and so please leave feedback. Apologies if it's short:

    SpiderStick vs Doctor Octostick.gif

    Ooh, also, this is made with Stykz not pivot however the programs are almost identical so I thought I should put Pivot as a tag.
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    Well, trying slightly speeding up your anim. The slowness makes it boring.

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    Where do ya think?
    yea, it's very slow, you should speed it up

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    There really isn't a lot to look at. Like at all. In essence, this animation is 2 arms moving.

    Try looking up some tutorials on animation and grasping the basics to get an understanding of what movements should feel like. That will help you a lot.
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